Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Charmin Bears need to go.

OK, I cannot be the only person who is tired of seeing those damn bears on the Charmin toilet paper commercials. You know the ones. Big orange colored bears running around the woods proclaiming the joys of utilizing Charmin toilet paper? Bears with "issues" regarding over usage of paper and the trauma of bits of paper being left on their backsides?

First Problem: Every time the ads appears on my screen, violating my otherwise mundane commercial space, I cannot help but harken back to the old joke..."Does a bear **** in the woods?". Did none of the advertising geniuses that devised this commercial ever think of that?

Second Problem: The depiction of the "baby bear" sitting next to the tree, reaching for toilet paper is just short of scat pornography! That image is so very wrong; why is there no door for some privacy? That tree isn't even wide enough to cover the view of the damn baby bear's backside!

Third problem: I REALLY don't want to see the bear's backside covered in tiny bits of toilet paper. Is this a problem we need to address on national television? Have we lost all sense of personal dignity? The "mama bear" chasing the "baby bear" down with broom and vacuum cleaner? At this point I am ready to stab my eyes out.

At Target the other day (I am a glutton for punishment, aren't I?) I saw the stacks of Charmin rolls bearing (no pun intended) images of orange hued, obsessive compulsive bears and had to leave the aisle before I lost control and flung them off the shelves at random aisle dwellers.

So there it is people...the pet peeve I cannot avoid if I want to watch television. Am I the only one who finds these ads repulsive?

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