Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another kid turns 8, and I show up, of course.

It's been a busy month, and I have a lot to catch you up on, blog wise. I will start with yet another stunning Saturday spent attending a nephew's party - this time for a newly crowned eight year old:
Now that he is eight, he has crap to do, so the party moved at a fast pace. In no time at all, the boy had managed to accept, open, judge and set aside his mountain of presents:

and assorted cousins tried to find a comfortable spot to watch the action:
Although some appeared rather bored with the proceedings and simply moved on:
After all the sports themed gifts, mounds of cash, various models and gansta style clothing had been opened, inspected and tossed aside...the cake was the next thing on the boy's agenda. Check out the dirt bike themed cake! My sister's friend made it:
the official lighting of the cake:

and the boy served up the cake for all to enjoy:some people need to learn when to step away from the cake:
After munching through layers of chocolate frosting, yellow cake, graham cracker dirt and fondant flames...the kids were ready to relax and hang out:

My two nephews were very proud they had managed to guilt their Auntie into purchasing these Transformer Bumblebee track suits for them last week:While the birthday boy went all "HGTV" on us and started redecorating his room with some of his gifts:
...and the chicks headed downstairs to enjoy their current favorite pastime...torturing us with...I mean putting on a fashion show for us:

All in all, a good party was had by all!

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