Monday, August 31, 2009

Pet Peeve of the Day

This is a bookstore:

This is a library:

One is for purchasing books. One is for borrowing books.

I am sick and tired of going to my local Barnes and Noble and seeing this:

Excuse me, am I expected to now purchase that book at FULL PRICE once this finger gnawing, sandal wearing slacker re-shelves it and moves on? Here's what goes through my head when I see this going on:

Did she touch those pages with the finger she's gnawing on?
Is she sick? Has she sneezed on that book?
Did she touch those feet with her hands, then touch the book?

You want to simply read the book? Go here:

Pictured above is a reading room at a library. Look, they even give you desks, chairs and lamps to read the book by. You don't have to park your cheap, lazy ass on disgustingly dirty mall store carpet, whip out your fancy latte and take up half an aisle while you read Pride and Prejudice in aisle 14.

To make it even clearer...this is a checkout desk at a library. They ask you for your library card and let you take the book HOME WITH YOU to read for FREE:
This is what is asked of you when you see a book in a bookSTORE that you want to read:
Please note that she is taking MONEY out of her bag to PAY for the book PRIOR to reading it. This is because she wants to read a book without someone's grimy fingerprints, latte stains and god knows what else all over it.

Here's what bookstore books are supposed to look like:Please note:
- Unopened
- Clean
- Orderly
- Untouched by finger gnawing slackers
Here's what library books look like:
Please note:
- Used bindings
- Worn covers
- Number ID's on their spine denoting it as a library book (new books don't have these!)
- Suspicious page stains that you don't question because YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR THE BOOK
So please, remember this simple rule:
When books have Number ID's on the spine, you are in a library; When books have price tags on them, you are in a bookstore.
Thank you.
There, I feel better now.

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