Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Photos on a Raging Hot Day

I received my tax return from "the man":To make it more exciting, I thought I would turn it into coins to make the amount appear larger. Above lies the $38.00 the state gave me. I had to pay the feds $35.00 so my 2008 profit stands at:


So with this outstanding sum simply burning in my pocket, I thought...why be responsible and save it, or invest it? NO, damn it! I decided to irresponsibly spend it all in one place:

For $2.99 I bought this lovely plant at Ace Hardware. I know, you are could she simply spend that tax return all in one purchase??? Well I did and I don't care. This plant is known as a Daisy Spoon...see the petals? Interesting, I thought. And, if the plant dies, I am still one cent ahead.

Last night, while watching City Lights on TCM, I discovered that the cat is a fan of Chaplin films as well: The cat is NOT a fan of fingers too closely holding a cat toy:

Lesson Learned: Drop cat toy faster.

That's enough blogging for this hellaciously hot April day here in the Bay Area:

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