Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surviving Easter

One of the pleasures of dying eggs without kids around is being able to test out all those "awesome" dye kits, without the drama of spilled dye, cracked eggs and tears:Well, no tears anyway.
A quick review of the kits purchased:

PAAS "Chalked up" - SUCKED
DUDLEYS "Tattooed Fun" - MEH
Hannah Montana "Shrink Wrap" - FAST AND EASY (like her)
PAAS "Sparkling Glitter"- SUCKED
Star Wars "Shrink Wrap" - FAST AND EASY (like Yoda)

For Holiday television entertainment while you dye eggs, there are many religious movie offerings. Movies like "King of Kings", "Ben Hur", or "The Ten Commandments".
Or you can choose to watch....
This is a movie no card carrying member of PETA would ever see. The premise is simple - Giant Bunnies are invading a town and they are ravenously killing every man, woman, child, dog, cat or cow in sight. Yes, cows.

While watching the flesh eating rabbits massacre the inhabitants of the small town, I was simultaneously attempting to use the Dudley's Roll and Dye kit. NEVER AGAIN.

What ass at the Dudley's Corporation thought this was a good idea? Can you imagine a 5 year old attempting this?
Then the Glitter Paint Kit. NEVER AGAIN.

This crap NEVER dried.

Occasionally I would look up to see what the bunnies were up to:
They are about to devour some cows, I believe. Those bunnies were hungry.
...and then back to the egg dying:
PAAS dye tablets -the ONLY way to color eggs, people.
Then back to the murderous giant bunnies:
and finally, after suffering through rolling, tattooing, and painting...the eggs are done:
Apparently, so were the bunnies:
The only way to kill giant terrorizing bunnies is to make them all run towards the railroad tracks, then electrocute them. Interesting.
The next day I prepared the 10 Easter Baskets. Here are the majority of them. Some were delivered early, so the full extent of the room this crap takes up in my tiny house can not be fully appreciated:
Eggs - Before the massacre:
...and after:
Finally Easter morning dawns bright and, uh...cold and foggy.
A first egg hunt:
Some random nieces and nephews awaiting their Easter baskets:
And a final image after all the egg hunting and basket devouring is completed:


Pat said...

Hi Helen
Just read your blog about Easter .. and I giggled through the whole thing. Great job

Patty .. your mom's friend!!

Anonymous said...

thanks and glad you enjoyed it!